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Where Should You Store Your Pool Chemicals?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

You just purchased pool chemicals, but where should you store them?

Follow the three finger rule when storing chemicals.

  1. Dry

  2. Cool

  3. Well-ventilated

If you are storing your pool chemicals in the garage, it is important to note that all chemicals must be sealed in a cabinet or storage bin, and to have some ventilation and no direct sunlight. If it is not properly stored, your equipment or other electrical tools run at risk of rusting because of the acids and oxidizers that are found in the pool chemicals. Move your pool chemicals to a safer place if it is near flammable materials, gasoline, household cleaning products, and any other potential harmful products.

Direct sunlight can weaken the strength of the chemicals over time.

Storing in a dry place with no direct sunlight can increase the life of your pool chemicals.

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