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Our team of highly trained service technicians make thousands of poolside visits each year. What sets us apart from most other companies is our attention to detail, our commitment to the highest level of customer service, and the industry knowledge to do the job right. We also service everything we sell so you can rest easy about the future of your pool.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself homeowner, or want total pool care, we are the company for you. We custom design our service to fit your needs and budget. Our services include any pool renovations, repairs and maintenance that you may need. We not only pride ourselves in our quality service, but also in educating our customers in how to best maintain their pool and pool supplies. 

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Pool Openings

We know that the pool opening process can be challenging and complicated. At AquaVida, experienced technicians are here to give you the peace of mind, that your pool will be opened correctly and efficiently. 

Maintenance Plans

Are you ready for a maintenance-free pool all year? We offer weekly/biweekly cleanings, as well as general maintenance. 

Mechanic Wrench
Repairs and Equipment Installations

Contact AquaVida for pool equipment repairs or replacements such as lights, pumps, filters, etc., or if you need to put in new equipment for your pool. 

Liner Installation

Our liners are custom-designed to provide the best fit and durability. From deep blue to aqua, we understand how important watercolor is in the liner selection process. 

Leak Detection

Whether it is in your liner, plumbing, or stairs, we are here to detect and stop leaks. 

Installation Power Buggy Rental
Pool Removal 

Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances where a pool needs to be removed. We have the knowledge and ability to do it the correct way.

Water Chemistry or In-Store Water Testing

One of the most overlooked tasks when creating a healthy pool environment is checking the chemical balance. We offer onsite services to check your water chemistry and a small chemistry lab in-store! 

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Pool Winterization

Pool winterization includes: making sure that all chemicals are balanced, examining that all equipment is running properly, etc.. This prevents costly repairs from happening when it comes time for the next pool opening.  

Pool Cleaning

Maintaining your pool cleanings can be time-consuming. You can schedule a cleaning by filling out a form or by phone.

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Automatic Cover Installation and Repair

Automatic pool covers are the safest option for your pool. In Indiana, an automatic pool cover is considered a pool barrier so building a fence is unnecessary. It is important to repair it whenever an issue comes up.  

Winter Safety Covers

Safety covers are for not only preparing your pool for winter, but are useful for keeping out debris and animals, helping with heat retention, and more depending on the type of cover. 

Custom Inground Pool Build

Our pools are made of galvanized steel, allowing us to create any design/shape that you desire. 

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New Pool Owner Class

Sign up for a class with AquaVida to learn proper pool care techniques!

Authorized Maytronics Service Center

 At AquaVida, we are capable of diagnosing, repairing, servicing, or requesting warranty replacement parts directly from Maytronics. 

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