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Top 6 Myths of Owning a Pool

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

We know pool ownership can seem daunting to first-time and potential pool owners. It has many facets to it, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as people make it out to be. Because of this, the amount of misinformation that gets spread around can deter you from having the backyard of your dreams! Parts of that misinformation are the most common myths of pool ownership, and we’d like to separate fact from myth.

MYTH 1: Pools Are Difficult to Maintain, Cost & Timewise

At the very top of the list, we have the myth that the maintenance of a pool is costly and difficult to keep up with. We are here to tell you that maintaining a pool isn’t as hard or intimidating as people think it may be.

Think about your car or lawn. Both require essential maintenance, right? You have to mow the lawn, change your oil, and do any other trivial activity to keep them in tip-top shape. However, if you let these activities go by the wayside and let small, trivial issues stack up, it becomes costly and takes more time to fix them than what could’ve been prevented in the first place. Pools operate with the same principle—As long as you’re a responsible owner and do the routine checkups, there will be nothing to worry about.

With that being said, the most common solution to maintaining a pool is to simply hire professionals to do most of the heavy lifting for you so you won’t be faced with a lot of the challenges on your own. Another plan of action is to install automated pool technology to automate your cleaning regimen and control it with the touch of a button.

MYTH 2: The Risk of Accidents and Drownings Increase

We understand how this jumps to the top of everyone’s list when it comes to considering owning a pool. There are inherent risks included in having your own pool, but there are protocols and safeguards you can put in place to reduce risks and worry.

First off, when in doubt, have an adult around. Even with adults, make sure that every child or adult that enters the pool can swim or wear a life vest. Physical pool barriers also offer extra layers of protection and safety such as fences, pool covers, and pool alarms.

As long as you are proactive and prepare your pool area with the necessary safety features, you will rarely face an emergency.

MYTH 3: Pools Decrease Home Appeal and Real Estate Value

This myth ties back into the one above, as people assume that because a pool comes with a home, nobody will want to buy the house. The fact is that banks actually look favorably on homes with pools. They consider it a home improvement that increases the resale value of the property. If your pool happens to be well-constructed it could even boost your home’s value by as much as 7% (especially in Florida).

MYTH 4: Inground Pools Are Too Expensive to Build

Is it true that pools are an investment? Yes, of course. However, that doesn’t mean you have to drain your life savings into building your backyard oasis.

When you find a pool builder, you can choose the style of pool that fits your taste, backyard size, and overall budget. Adding advanced features or upgraded landscaping is doable but will also add to the cost of the build. Be sure to discuss financing options if they offer them as sometimes, they can even be bundled in with your mortgage.

Aside from being in control of your budget and taste, building a pool can actually end up saving you money from the reduced cost of vacations and being able to nix membership to a recreational pool over time.

MYTH 5: Owning a Pool Leads to Higher Utility Bills

The fact behind this myth is that your utility bills are dependent upon the area in which you live, the square footage of your home, and who your provider is, so it constantly varies from one home to the next. Having a pool and keeping your utility bills low ultimately comes down to selecting the right type of equipment, like using energy-efficient/saving pumps. Studies have shown that even with the addition of energy-efficient pool pumps, pool owners’ utility bills on average only rise between $20-50 a month.

MYTH 6: Swimming Pools Require Constant Repair

How many people have heard this as the biggest reason not to own a pool? It’s another myth that was perpetuated by misinformation and misunderstandings of how to take care of a pool.

This connects back to the other myth we addressed above but it’s about asking the right questions to your pool builder—Which type of pool will last the longest? How long have they been building pools? What type of maintenance routine will be needed? —those types of questions will help you find builders that will install quality pools. The vetting of builders paired with proper cleaning and maintenance will help prevent the need for repairs.

Final Facts to Consider

We’ve gone through the list of the most common myths about pool ownership. We’ve given you tools to start your research into what you’ll need. We’ve even highlighted how owning a pool can make your life easier (and potentially save money!). At the end of the day, we believe a pool can be one of the best investments you can make for your home. You get to have a backyard oasis that acts as a space for both entertainment and relaxation for the whole family.

Thank You HayWard for the Informational Blog!

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