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Dirty Pool Stairs? We Have The Solution.

Have you ever heard the phrase ” No pain, no gain?” If so, don’t worry, we have a solution that doesn’t require torturous hours to clean your pool steps. This is a solution that even the DIY people love to use.

WIPEOUT is a super concentrated cleaner for pools, spas, boats, and Rvs that is fast acting. It contains a scientific blend of detergents and a non-flammable solvent that quickly penetrates dirt, grease, and grime with no toxic fumes.

How to Use:

Apply with a damp sponge to “WIPE OUT” body oils, grease, and grime that form at the water line of the pool or spa.

Story Time:

During pool openings and other services, we tend to see a lot of pools with algae and other organic materials on the liner and stairs. When we went out to install a new liner for a client, we noticed that the pool steps needed to be scrubbed. There was a bit of algae and dirt caked onto the stairs that only WIPE OUT could successfully take away. Once all necessary jobs were completed, the pool looked brand new! It’s amazing how a clean staircase can rapidly transform your pool. The before and after photo displayed below shows a side-by-side comparison of what WIPE OUT can do.

Psst…Guess What?

Not only can WIPE OUT be used for pool stairs but your liner water lines, handrails, and lawn chairs!

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