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My Bargain Chlorine Tablets Did What?!

Updated: Feb 20

The effects bargain chlorine tablets will have on your chlorinator may shock you. The first picture was taken of a chlorinator that was using tablets with high amounts of additives and fillers. This caused the chlorinator to have gummed sides and improper chlorine balance. The second photo is of a chlorinator gone right with high quality, pool grade tablets.

Gunk in Chlorinator
Clean Chlorinator

Commonly asked questions:

  • How do I know I am purchasing the correct chlorine tablets?

Avoid stores or discount clubs that sell tablets with imported chlorine. Many companies that sell cheaper tablets have binding as a filler, that gums the chlorinator. Cheaper products may list trichlor as 90% or more, but this does not mean that it won't have fillers. All tablets sold here at AquaVida are high grade with no added fillers!

  • What makes AquaVida's chlorine tablets higher quality?

We sell tablets that are formed by compression while other tablets that are sold in stores are held together with binders that clog the chlorinator and other equipment. Poolife offers two different types of tablets that other stores may not carry. Our MPT Extra tablets are multipurpose tablets that sanitize and prevent algae, while clarifying your pool water. Our NST Prime tablets are non-stabilized tablets that go in the skimmer or floating chlorinator. It will sanitize pool water without adding any unwanted cyanuric acid to your pool.

  • Which chlorine tablet is best for my pool?

Here at AquaVida, we carry three types of tablets so your pool gets the proper care it needs.

  1. Poolife 3" Cleaning Tablets are stabilized chlorinating tablets that sanitize the pool water. This protects against chlorine loss caused by direct sunlight. These can be used in your chlorinator, skimmer, or floating chlorinator.

  2. Poolife MPT Extra Tablets are a multifunctional, stabilized tablet that prevents algae growth and stain & scale formation. In addition, they clarify and protect against chlorine loss, caused by direct sunlight.

  3. Poolife NST Prime Tablets are an alternative to stabilized chlorine tablets. These are non-stabilized tablets with an extended release formula so your pool can stay sanitized longer. It can be used in your skimmer or floating chlorinator.

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