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How to Care for Your Vinyl Liner

Updated: Mar 28

In Southern Indiana and surrounding areas vinyl liners are a popular choice for a pool due to the extreme temperatures that a vinyl liner can endure. Vinyl liners are made with durable material that will last many years if properly cared for. What makes these types of liners fun is the color/pattern selection. You can choose if you want an aqua oasis or deep blue mountain vibes. Taking care of your vinyl liner pool can seem overwhelming, which is why we want to provide you with all necessary information to ease the process.

Vinyl Liner Pool

Caring Tips:

  • Maintain proper water chemistry. If your pool water is not balanced correctly, it can fade your liner, wrinkles can appear, and more.

  • Vacuum debris in your pool before treating it with chemicals. If not, you are vacuuming away the chemicals you just put in or will need to use more chemicals than necessary to clear the water.

  • Gently scrub the pool liner with a soft-bristle brush to prevent water line buildup from organic debris. Wipe-Out Surface Cleaner is our product of choice and what we use in all pool cleanings. You can pick it up in our store. It’s safe for your liner and the pool water.

  • Watch the water level in your pool. Catching a leak early can prevent major damage. During the hot summer months it’s normal to lose an inch or so of water a week to evaporation. More than that could signal a leak. To test, mark your pool at the water line and measure the water loss after 24hours. During this time don’t swim or add water. If the loss is more than ⅛ inch there may be a leak. Call a professional for a service call.

What Not To-Do:

  • Don’t ever drain your pool! Liners are held in place by the weight of the pool water and are meant to stay wet. Draining your pool could cause the vinyl liner to shrink, creating wrinkles and tears. In rare circumstances a pool needs to be drained but have a pool professional do it.

  • Do not put sharp objects or toys that are not pool-safe in the pool. It can cause tears or punctures in the liner.

  • Don’t let your chlorine level stay high or pH stay low. This will greatly reduce the life of your liner.

  • Dogs love to swim, and we love to swim with them! However, a dog that doesn’t know how to exit the pool using the steps can shred a pool liner. Make sure your doggie friends know where the proper exit is.

Do you have questions about your pool liner, or ready for a new one? You can contact us at (812) 867- 2541 or fill out a form by clicking the button below.

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