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Maintenance Plan Request Form

Maintenance Plans 
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Maintenance Plan
Do you have a spa/hot tub that you would like to have cleaned?
Is your pool opened for the season?
Are there any additional items you would like to add for maintaining you pool? For details on these products please visit orcall our store and we can explain the benefits to you.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the following terms listed below:

  • Any additional service beyond a standard pool cleaning will be billed at the regular service rates. The discounted rate per visit is for up to 1 hour of cleaning. Additional time will be billed accordingly.

  • All pool/spa chemicals must be purchased from AquaVida Pools, either in our retail store or directly through service.

  • We charge you only for the exact chemicals used for your pool/spa.

  • All necessary chemicals and equipment must be accessible to our technicians on the day of your scheduled visit. We will assign you a specific day of the week, but due to weather and seasonal scheduling it may be necessary to perform your service on a different day. It is recommended that you supply us with a gate key or code should this be necessary.

  • If we arrive to perform your service and do not have access to your pool you will still be charged for a visit.

  • To receive the discounted rate we must open/start-up and close/winterize your pool. Weekly or biweekly service will be performed from the week after the pool opening to the week prior to your scheduled closing. Weeks cannot be skipped or canceled. If you do cancel the service (other than for moving), you will be back-charged for the regular rate for all previous work done.

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Thanks for submitting! We'll be in contact with you soon.

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