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Top Tips on How to Care For Your New Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner

If you have recently purchased a Maytronics Dolphin cleaner from AquaVida Pools, navigating the care and maintenance can seem overwhelming, but with the Maytronics cleaner and a little knowledge, it is as easy as can be. Dive into the essential Do's and Don'ts to properly care for your Dolphin cleaner.

Once you purchase a Dolphin at AquaVida:

Maytronics Dolphin, Robotic Cleaners

The Do’s and Don'ts When Caring For Your Dolphin


  • Gently place the Dolphin into the water to begin its cleaning cycle.

  • Once your Dolphin has completed its cycle, pull the cord gently towards you until the cleaner comes to the side of the pool. It is then ready to be lifted out of the pool.

  • If you have a cordless vacuum, retrieving your Dolphin will look a little different. Once the cleaning cycle has been completed, your Dolphin will stop at a wall to be picked up. Use the pickup hook that is included with your robot to take it out of the water.

  • (If you have a corded vacuum) Lay the swivel cord outstretched on the ground once it has been gently lifted out of the pool. This step is especially great to do on a sunny day. This will help prevent tangles.

  • Take the filter out of the Dolphin and spray it with water to remove debris after each use. This helps prevent buildup inside the Dolphin. You can also use a cartilage filter to clean it.

  • Lay the filter out to dry. This helps prevent molding.

  • Check the impeller located up near the center of the basket for any debris that found its way to the impeller to remove. The image below shows where the impellor is located.

  • Loosely gather the swivel cord when storing it away.

  • Store your Dolphin on the caddy if you have one, or store it in a place where nothing will fall on the Dolphin or cause damage to it.

  • If you have the cordless vacuum, make sure to charge your Dolphin for the next time you need your pool cleaned again.


  • Never leave your Dolphin in the water for extended periods of time when not in use (it’s not a real-life dolphin).

  • Roughly pull the cord to resurface cleaner from water.

  • Do not wrap the swivel cord tightly around the caddy or any other object (it will create kinks over time).

  • Do not swim in the pool while your Dolphin is cleaning.

Many Dolphin cleaner owners don't realize that your water chemistry can affect the performance over time. The blue swivel cord will become sticky or brittle if your water has not been properly managed. You can visit the AquaVida Pools store for FREE water testing to help manage your water chemistry.

Did you know that we have a YouTube channel? Watch our Demos with Rob video about how to take care of your Dolphin. Everything that has been shared on the blog will be demonstrated in the video.


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